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Professional Network Repair & Build

Our Competition

A better price for installation is not always a good thing (although this client paid more for this than we charged to correct it).  We were supprised to find out this job was done by a WELL known, larger IT company.


Professional Structured Cabling

We re-ran the cables and organized them in a Network rack.   Aside from appearance it is important to organize the cables  to simplify troubleshooting & identification.

Business & Residential Cybersecurity

We offer and install Cybersecurity solutions such as, hardware based, Fortinet, and Sonicwall, as well as, many software solutions.  These solutions will greatly increase data and network protection from Cyber Criminal attacks.

Please be aware of compainies who practice sales gimmicks which claim to protect you 100%.  We recommend you go elsewhere for your Cybersecurity needs if a company makes this kind of claim, this is a deceptive ploy by these companies to make a sale.

Complex Network Builds

To meet the needs of this customer we installed a full size server rack.  This network required a rack capable of holding equipment for 80 plus cable runs.  This is a clean, organized solution, which allowed a large network to be set up in a compact area.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Cybersecurity?

We not only offer cybersecurity but we can install and set up many different solutions to help protect your network from viruses, malware, ransomeware, adware, spyware, and bloatware.

What's the difference between Hardware and Software Protection?

Hardware based protection combines software and hardware solutions for network security.  A physical device is added to the network to protect the network and individual devices  (Fortinet, Sonicwall are examples).  This solution is used for businesses (although, NOT always). 

Software solutions can be cloud based or local and include software which is installed on each individual computer/device.

Do you install WiFi Networks?

We have installed many WiFi and Wired networks.  We have also re-built, failed networks installed by our competition.

Do you build Multi-Building Networks?

We can and have installed multiple building networks.  Networks we have installed include buildings located miles away from each other yet they communicate like they are on the SAME local network.

Do you fix apple computers?

Yes we do support software and hardware repair for apple computers like MacBook Pro. We do offer Data recovery and software repair for iPads and iPhones but we DO NOT currently offer hardware repair for these devices.

Can you replace laptop screens/keyboards?
Yes, we can and have replaced many parts of laptop computers, including MACs and PCs. We always give an assessment before making a repair. In some cases the cost to replace a screen is more expensive than it would cost to replace the computer and we will make recommendations based on those factors.
Do you work on and/or repair Servers?
Yes. We have many years of experience maintaining, building, and servicing servers of all types including Linux based servers.
How long does a computer repair take?

That depends on availability of parts and how big of a repair it is. For the most part many of our repairs average one week. Simple repairs may be faster and more complex repairs may take more time. We try our best to give you an accurate estimated time for completion.

Do you repair computers On-Site?
Yes, In some cases it is possible to make an On-Site repair. Our technicians will determine what the best solution is for a repair.

In a lot of cases there is a need for a controlled Lab environment to make a repair. In this case we would have to take the computer to our computer lab to make the repairs.

Do you pick up?
Yes, Depending on your location we do come to you. We can pick up any devices for repair and return them to you after the repair is complete.

We also offer options for drop-off and pick-up. In every case we protect and secure your devices while in our possession.

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